When relocating, you may find yourself needing storage to fill the gap between moving out and moving in. It’s wise to choose a provider that offers climate-controlled storage units, which cost a little bit more than standard units but give you more peace of mind knowing your belongings will be protected from moisture and other threats.

From pests to temperature extremes to humidity, many factors can affect the integrity of your belongings. Here’s why climate controlled storage is a good idea.

What is Temperature-Controlled Storage?

First off, let’s define what climate-controlled units are. They feature a constant average temperature, usually between 55 and 85 degrees Fahrenheit, as well as an average humidity level. Keeping these levels in check will ensure excess moisture doesn’t make its way into the unit.

Items That Require Temperature Controlled Storage

The following items should be placed in a climate-controlled storage unit.


The connections contained within electronic items will rust when in humid conditions for any length of time, making failure of the item more likely. Your electronics cost a lot of money to buy, and you want to ensure they have a long lifespan.


Soft furnishings and leather can both grow mold if left to sit in damp conditions for a long time.  Wood can crack, warp and rot when there is too much moisture. Once mold sets in, it leads to serious health conditions as well as a musty odor that’s impossible to get rid of.

Documents and Photographs

Always store important documents or irreplaceable photographs in climate controlled units, or else moisture can warp or disintegrate paper and backings.

Artwork and Antiques

Moisture and mold can damage paintings, antiques and other works of art, leading to cracking, warping, and rusting.

Musical Instruments

Many musical instruments are made of wood as well as electronics, so it makes sense to store musical instruments in dry conditions so they don’t warp or otherwise suffer damage from dampness.


Wine has to be kept at a constant temperature or it can spoil. Each kind of wine has its ideal conditions, but keeping your collection between 55 and 68 Fahrenheit is a general rule of thumb.


Collectibles such as comic books and stamps are susceptible to damage by moisture, which can detract severely from the value of the piece. And if you have a coin collection, it could rust if stored in the wrong conditions.


Fabric or leather can succumb to mold or mildew growth if not stored in a climate controlled unit. Many people, when getting their clothing out of long-term storage, wind up throwing it all away when they see and smell the condition of clothes stored in a standard unit.

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