Whether you’re facing a move to Modesto, Oakdale, Fresno or Chowchilla, you may be nervous as to how you will adjust to life in a new city. You may be relocating for work, for family or just for fun, but whatever the reason, you can’t deny that homesickness will take over at some point. On top of that, they’re so much to do, from packing to logistics.

Adjusting takes time. Be patient with yourself and heed these tips on how you can feel at home after a move.

1.  Familiarize Yourself With the Community

Make sure you know where the nearest grocery stores, gas stations, pharmacies, coffee shops and hospitals are. Map it out if you have to. Take a drive around and take notes in your head of the best ways to get everywhere. Try out some shortcuts. Get to know your way around. Don’t wait till you absolutely need something. When you do this, you will be prepared for anything that is thrown your way.

2.  Get Out and Meet People

This is particularly important tip if you’re moving alone to a new city. It’s also important if you have young children and want to get them some new friends too. Hit up the local library story times to meet new parents and perhaps get yourself invited to a playdate. Go to happy hour with your new coworkers, go out of your way to meet people on social media and introduce yourself to the neighbors while taking a walk around the block. You’ll make new friends, plus you’ll meet the locals who can give you advice on the best places to go.

3.  Get Out There

The last thing you’ll want to do in a new city, especially if you’re an introvert, may be to just get out there and take the plunge. But plunge you must! Force yourself to get out of the house and explore anything from the local library and coffee shops to bars and restaurants. While there, chat with the employees or locals that may be hanging around. This way, you can get to know the area as well as people who may have similar interests and tastes as you.

4.  Stay in Touch With Friends and Family

While it’s important to explore your new city and meet new friends, it’s equally as important to stay in touch with your loved ones back home. Text, video chat and call your family and friends to catch up. Assure them that once you’re all settled in, they can come over for a party (if they live close) or a night or weekend (if they live far away).

5.  Do What You Love

It’s important to continue your hobbies and interests as a way to relax and unwind, as well as a way to meet new people who like the same things you do. Join a gardening or photography club, head to a concert, or check out a museum. Whatever it is, know that happiness will follow you if you keep doing the things you enjoy.

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