If this is your first move, you’re probably excited and nervous at the same time. But before you can enjoy your dream home, you have to get there first and that involves hiring movers. They can make the details of your move go much more smoothly, but it’s important to know the fee structure of your moving company and what they charge extra for. The base rate you get as part of your quote won’t typically include extras if you don’t say anything about them beforehand.

Many movers charge extra for hauling furniture up and down stairs. Usually, one flight of stairs as part of a two-story house is included, but when you add in several sets of stairs, such as within high rise buildings where there are no elevators, expect to be charged more. This is because your movers have to expend more energy and effort to transport your belongings, often times involving extra precautions to guard against damage to walls and floors.

More manpower may be needed when lots of stairs are involved, which also ups the price.


  • Location and demographics. Movers also charge depending on location as well. For example, if you live in a congested city with high-rise buildings and the movers have to hoof it up many staircases to get your stuff up and down, this will incur extra costs.
  • Extra effort. Because it takes extra effort, care and planning to climb up and down stairs with heavy household items, many movers will charge extra for this. They should visit your home beforehand to see what they are dealing with before they give you an accurate quote. Some calculate extra charges by flight of stairs or even per step.
  • Extra equipment for hoisting or lowering objects. Sometimes your location is not conducive to a move due to stairways and hallways that are cramped and tight. Furniture that doesn’t fit in those hallways, doorways and staircases will have to be removed or added with a rope-and-pulley mechanism.
  • Carrying belongings across long distances. You’ll also have to think about the distance between stairs, your front door, and the truck. If the distance between your house and the nearest parking space is too long for a mover to reasonably carry items, they may charge extra.
  • Amount of belongings. You may be charged more due to the nature of the belongings being hauled up and down the stairs. Standard boxes are OK, but if you have a lot of heavy, awkward furniture, a shuttle service may be added to the cost, particularly when more movers are required to get the job done.
  • Extra services. Moving companies charge extra for add-on services. Let’s say you need packing done, or you’re facing a corporate move involving a lot of office furniture. Be prepared to pay up. Another note: corporate moves often come with their own set of rules when it comes to stairs.

In the end, the success of your move will come down to how well you communicate your needs with your movers. Be upfront with exactly what you need, and be honest about the obstacles they will encounter on moving day – and that includes stairs. You may think stairs are included because they are a part of your home, but this isn’t always so.

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