Leaving a house that holds lots of special memories is never easy. For many, it’s leaving a place that was their first home after getting married, having kids, welcoming grandkids and retiring. For others, it’s a beloved first apartment they are leaving to embark on a new life. Whatever the case, there are many fears you may be feeling heading into a move. Here are the most common ones.

Metathesiophobia (Fear of Change)

It can be paralyzing to think of starting over in a whole new home, neighborhood and community. This is perhaps the most common fear for people, especially those who prefer the familiarity and comfort of routine. That routine is disrupted in a big way when a move is pending.

Of course, it’s important to realize that change in inevitable in life and can be a healthy part of development. Repeat these affirmations to help overcome your fear of change:

  1. Life is all about change; I should embrace it.
  2. While I have to accept my situation, I don’t have to settle.
  3. I can turn my fear into excitement.
  4. I can celebrate this big change.
  5. I must be patient.
  6. I can’t be afraid to step outside my comfort zone.

Monophonia (Fear of Being Alone)

It is hard to leave people behind that you loved and cared for. Whether you’re leaving your parents’ house for the first time to strike out on your own, or you’re going through a divorce and need a change, it’s not easy to say goodbye to the people who were a part of your life for so long.  

Follow these tips to deal with your fear of being alone:

  1. Create a schedule of how and when you can see your loved ones.
  2. Give yourself time to adjust to being on your own.
  3. Go out of your way to make new friends and foster new relationships.
  4. Create a photo album of friends and family that you are parting with.

Xenophobia (Fear of the Unknown)

Not knowing what to expect from this next chapter of your life can be very scary. This is a rational fear and you should embrace it head on. Take comfort in realizing that life is chock full of unexpected surprises. You may be feeling vulnerable as you take this next step in your life, but it’s important to accept that the move is a good thing and not something to fear.

Here’s how you can handle your fear of the unexpected:

  1. Take it a day at a time
  2. Don’t stress over things you can’t control
  3. Expect the unexpected
  4. Be confident as you face challenges
  5. View unexpected situations with curiosity rather than fear
  6. Be prepared for any eventuality
  7. Be brave, because you know you can overcome anything

No matter what common fear you identify with, it’s important to have a plan in place to reduce stress before a move. Part of that plan involves hiring professional movers.

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