If you have outgrown your current office space and need to expand to a new facility, the resulting relocation will be a complex one with a lot of moving parts. A key part of the whole process is to hire commercial movers experienced in this type, size and scope of relocation. This will ensure the process will go smoothly and seamlessly for the least amount of stress possible.

Check out these four reasons why you should hire commercial movers.

1.     Efficiency and Organization

As a business owner, you know better than anyone else what’s involved in packing your entire office and moving it somewhere else. There’s a lot of equipment, documents, file cabinets, cubby walls, kitchen appliances, and furniture involved. Moving these things yourself or asking your employees to do it will just result in chaos, not to mention a lawsuit if someone gets injured hauling their office chair.

A commercial moving company brings organization and efficiency to the process, getting everything packed, loaded and transported quickly yet safely – all in the interest of time.

2.     Storage

The need for storage is present in almost all commercial moves. You may not be able to move into the new office right away, so there’s a gap between move-out day and move-in day. This is where storage comes in mighty handy. Other times you may need storage is when you’re downsizing your office and have no extra space to put all your equipment and furniture. You may require a storage facility to store it all in until you figure out what you want to do with it.

3.     Affordability

Moving an entire office is no cheap task. It’s expensive to engage in any move, not just in terms of straight costs for supplies and hired help, but in terms of productivity. When you’re in the active process of moving, you’re not being productive, which is costing you business. Knowing your commercial movers are quick and efficient means they’re getting the job done in much less time than if you were to handle it yourself.

So, while you’re paying an initial up front cost for movers, you’re saving money in the long run in terms of productivity.

4.     Muscle

The biggest challenge in moving an office is hauling all that heavy furniture and equipment from one space to another. This can be a dangerous prospect if you try to do it yourself or delegate your employees. Someone could get hurt, not to mention the equipment itself can get damaged. Also, floors and walls can get scratched in the process if you don’t know what you’re doing.

This may also result in legal liabilities for your company if one of your workers got hurt while moving – which is undoubtedly not in their job description.

When you hire professionals, you avoid all these problems.

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